We have a new logotype for both Grubhub that serves as a visual anchor for our brands.

It is designed for high impact and reflects the spirit of our brand: bold, progressive and authentic. The condensed monospace characters are unique and quirky, staying true to what we stand for.


The logotype always appears in red or white, depending on the back-ground color. Choose the version that is more legible.

For special use, such as embroidered, die-cut or black and white applications, we have a black version of the logotype that should not be used for high-level communication.

Although our logotype is set in uppercase, we use “Grubhub” when we need to write our brand name.

Note: our logotype likes to be surrounded by open space, so please don’t contain it in a shape.

Clearspace and minimum size

Clearspace around logotype

Minimum logotype width for print

Minimum logotype width for digital

Clearspace is the minimum distance between the logotype and other visual and verbal elements, as well as the edge of a product. The width of the Grubhub ‘H’ defines the minimum clearspace surrounding the logotype.

The minimum recommended size of the logotype is 0.4 inch wide for print and 40 pixels on screen.


Symbol in red

Symbol in white

Symbol clearspace

Minimum symbol width for print

Minimum symbol width for digital

Our symbol sits hand in hand with our logotype and will eventually be well-known enough to be used on its own.

It shares many characteristics with the logotype — it is simple and bold, with a friendly tone.

Inspired by street signage, it points in different directions and stands for the variety Grubhub offers.

Use our symbol in a shape whenever possible.

The width of the ‘H’ defines the minimum clearspace surrounding the symbol, when it isn’t embedded in one of the pre-defined shapes.

The minimum recommended size of the symbol is 0.06 inch wide for print and 12 pixels on screen.


Red tag

White tag

In almost all applications the symbol is embedded in a red or white rectangle, creating a tag that is easy to implement and highly recognizable.

Whenever possible, use the red tag — use the white tag only on red backgrounds.

The placement of the symbol inside the tag is fixed and cannot be altered.

Always hang our tag from the top of the page, website or application.

It’s our new stamp and it’s highly ownable, so we use it proudly as often as we can.

Never use the Grubhub and the Seamless tag together. Pick the brand you want to talk about and use the tag accordingly. For corporate communications we usually only want use the Grubhub tag as this is the brand we are leading with.

Tag and logotype relationship

Margins, symbol tag and logotype relationship in layout

Width options for logotype in proportion to tag

Whenever possible, place the tag on the upper left of a format, so it follows the left margin but bleeds off at the top of the page. In some instances the tag can also be used right aligend.

Margins are always half the width of the logo.

You should usually place the wordmark at the bottom left of a format – its size can vary between 100%, 150% or 200% of the width of the tag.

If using the URL version of the logotype, add the .com to the width afterwards (see left).

Alternatively you can top align the wordmark with the top of the H in the GH symbol, sitting it on the upper right of a format.

Although our symbol and logotype are not a lockup, we have defined a clear relationship between the two elements – in product experiences, you only need to use one.

For example: when designing for letter format, we set the width of the tag to be 1 inch, giving even margins of 0.5 inch. Depending on how prominent the logotype needs to be, you can choose between 1 inch width, 1.5 inch or 2 inch.

Special use

Floating tag

App icon


Logo to be used if tag-logotype combination cannot be applied

Lock-up for co-branding

Whenever possible we use our tag and/or our logotype. But there are a few situations when variations of these elements will be needed: our app icon, social media logos or applications in which the tag cannot hang from the top.

Please consult the brand team before using any of the artwork shown here, to ensure correct use.


The Grubhub logotype only appears in red, white and on special occasions in black

Don’t change the character of the logotype, by adjusting kerning, stretching or distorting it

Don’t add any effects to the logotype; i.e. no dropshadows, glows, outlines, gradients etc

Don’t match the logotype to the angles of the symbol — this treatment can only be used in animation

Don’t lock up tag or symbol together with the logotype

Don’t change the angle of one or both letters within the symbol

Don’t add any effects or color to the logotype or symbol; i.e. no dropshadows, glows, outlines, gradients etc.

Don’t change the size of one of the letters in the symbol

Don’t change the colors of the symbol tag. The Grubhub symbol tag only appears in red, white and black and reversed out.

Don’t change the proportion of the provided assets

Don’t add any effects to the symbol; i.e. no dropshadows, glows, outlines, gradients etc.

Don’t embed the logo or symbol in a sentence.