Our illustrations are handmade drawings intended to look basic, charming and approachable in execution, but not in thought.

They feel witty and add character to our visual communication system. You can use all illustrations except for our illustrated logotypes straight from the library.

Although our illustration library will over time grow more rich and varied, we cannot provide illustrations on demand. Please reach out to the brand team with any questions.


Our illustrations are grouped into five different categories and can be applied singularly or as groups:

1 — Places
2 — Emotions
3 — Food
4 — Statements

Additional illustrations to fit either category can be commissioned as needed.

The Grubhub illustrations are a core ingredient throughout all of our communications.

They’re an engaging way to add flavor and character to our brand, conveying ideas and telling stories.

You can use our illustrations when photography isn’t available or if you want to create a more distinctive brand impression.






Illustrations of places can be typographic or show distinct and recognizable parts of a city.

They are quirky in nature and add local flavor to our brands.


Food and emotion go hand in hand.

Our illustrations capture these feelings, sometimes using objects (like the leaf in ‘fresh’) for further effect.


Food comes in many shapes and sizes.

Our illustrations take their cues from various food-related visual references.

Some typographic illustrations draw their inspiration from the way the food is prepared, from the cultural background they are associated with, or simply from the shape and appearance of the actual dish.

Fun and simple in nature they add character to our communications.


Similar to the emotive illustrations, our statements are used across lifestyle moments, e.g. families eating at home, a couple on a date, friends gathering for a picnic, or lunch at the office.

Charming in nature, the typography is expressive, underlining the meaning of the statement.

The illustrations add wit to food stories.

Use of color

When using illustration, color can be a key element for underlining content, or embedding the illustration in a surrounding layout or on a photo.

Based on our color system, work either with primary colors or choose a spectrum within our secondary color range.

When working with a color spectrum, there are multiple ways of applying color. Your decision could be driven by pure aesthetics or by production restrictions.

Each color should also relate to the food it is paired with or that it represents.

In the range of one color spectrum, use just one or two colors or make use of the full range of three colors.

If the illustration needs to shine, e.g. when it is the only artwork in a layout, still use one full color spectrum but you can also add ONE color from another spectrum as a highlight. This color must be clearly different from all colors of the chosen spectrum.

Single color

Full spectrum

Two color

Spectrum + highlight color

How to apply illustration

Even though we consider our illustrations as a core driver of our expression, we do not want them to cause clutter throughout our communication materials.

Whenever we apply illustrations we should make sure to have a clear message that we do want to get across to our diners.

Single illustrations can have the biggest impact if they are used instead of or as support for a headline. They appear on single color panels, on a full bleed photo or in layouts where they span across backround color and an image frame.

A way to embed mutiple illustrations into a piece of communication is to use stickers as a container. Stickers are circular shapes that can hold an illustration each. In this case the illustrations become secondary and need to sit with a proper headline. They can live by themselves on simple applications like packaging etc.

If we do not want to use photography we can create a collage of illustrations that are brought together to talk about specific topics or show the variety of food we bring to our diners.


A single Illustration can either replace a headline in Grubhub Sans or be used in tandem with it.

Use one color spectrum only. We can use all colors of the chosen spectrum but should always ensure legibility.

Single illustration on plain background

Single illustration on full bleed photo

Single illustration on page with small photo

Single illustration on plain background next to full bleed photo

Single illustration across plain background and full bleed photo


Stickers are applied as a secondary design element. Usually we use between 2 and 4 stickers.

Use one color spectrum only. The stickers should use the same color spectrum as the rest of the layout.

Stickers on plain background

Stickers on full bleed photo

Stickers on page with small photo

Stickers on plain background next to full bleed photo

Stickers across plain background and full bleed photo