Modes are ‘states of mind’, each with different expectations, needs and goals around eating. A diner can move across multiple eating modes over time. The Grubhub experience should work across all, while finding specific ways to delight diners who come to us in each mode.

Use the different modes to cook up new ideas, to validate or evaluate current experiences, and to define relevant value propositions and offerings for each.

Everyday meal

Tim gets home at 6:30pm and discusses dinner options with his girlfriend Ayako. They’re both trying to stick to their paleo diet, but still feel like a treat after a long day.

— More time to plan
— Habitual time and location
— 1 or 2 people

Main goals
— Be healthy(er)
— Match a specific mood
— Limit effort “it’s just us”

— Go-to recipe
— Grocery prepared food
— Takeout Thai

Eating with kids

Farrah wants tonight’s dinner to be fuss-free bonding time. She’s looking for something healthy, bearing in mind that Lily is still in her no-veggies phase and Oscar has an egg allergy.

— More time to plan
— Limited location options
— Multiple people & restrictions

Main goals
— Include nutritious foods
— Make everyone happy
— Limit prep & cleanup time

— Simple recipe
— Frozen foods
— Takeout pizza

Eating with friends

Gordon is having old work friends over for dinner. He wants to show off his foodie knowledge, but also make sure there’s enough to eat. Most of all he wants to make the night memorable.

— More time to plan
— Multiple location options
— Multiple people & tastes

Main goals
— Have fun
— Get the quantities right
— Create an experience

— New Pinterest recipe
— Restaurant reservation
- Takout pizza

Last minute meal

Haley is back from yoga and hasn’t planned anything for dinner. She’s very hungry and wants to eat soon, but still be conscious of her healthy mood.

— Last minute decision
— Specific activity/location
— Open to higher spend

Main goals
— Get food fast
— Match a need/activity

— Bowl of granola
— Chipotle salad pickup
— Takeout quinoa salad