Across digital features, physical products, corporate events, recruiting, customer care, sales, trade shows and more, we strive to create experiences that feel uniquely Grubhub.

Three overarching principles shape all our touchpoints into experiences that are:

Human, not machine

Hanging out with us should feel like a relationship, not a transaction. That’s why we celebrate individuals — whether it’s their expertise and craft or their compatibility to connect. And we keep interactions personal by remembering the important things about each user, when it matters most.

Make it human
Food is a craft, so demonstrate a human touch whenever possible. Add a face to each chef, a rich profile to each restaurant, a descriptive ‘why’ to each recommendation. Allow restaurants and chefs to show their personality and connect with diners.

Recognize it’s me
Learn diners’ preferences over time, and anticipate their needs. In email and communications, remember what they’ve already seen and adapt messaging instead of repeating it. Use context and personal data to customize customer care.

Find strength in numbers
Eating is a social activity, so leverage the power of the group. Offer drivers a community they can identify with. Allow diners to eat, invite, decide, split and share together easily. Be the connector at trade shows who facilitates relationships across all those involved in food.

Attainable aspirations

We want people to get excited about the possibilities and to try new things. But we know not to push too far—we leave our diners in control, never overwhelmed by choice, and our restaurants confident that we can help them reach their full potential, no matter their size or flavor.

Explore the potential
Go beyond the dish to hint at possible presentations, occasions or combinations. Help restaurants see the future that lies ahead during sales, and even broaden the definition of who or what a restaurant could be. Invite outside industry experts and tastemakers at corporate events to explore new boundaries for food.

Make it doable
Provide easy ways for diners to venture out of their food comfort zone. Take baby steps, give guarantees or offer simple swaps with marketing events to make intimidating or healthy choices more inviting. Be approachable and relatable in recruiting tactics.

Celebrate diversity
When creating content, focus on the quality and variety of choices instead of the quantity. Celebrate the diversity of chefs and recipes. Showcase dish, restaurant and regional differences in a positive light in communications and trade shows to demonstrate that there’s something for everyone.

Fit for my life

Our experiences fit naturally into our users’ lives. We remove ongoing pains, but also add delight at just the right moment. We consider the context in which diners, restaurants and drivers interact with us, and adapt in real time to save the day, or simply to lift the spirits.

Keep it positive
Food and takeout can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt and laziness. Focus content and communications on the benefits of eating that enrich diners’ lives, such as energy, discovery, bonding or comfort.

Adapt to users’ context
Fit into users lives by adapting to their real-time situation. Give drivers the tools they need for their city. Use time, location, social setting, cultural events or weather, to create recruiting tactics, communications, or packaging that elevate the experience.

Celebrate the little things
Use thoughtful surprises, unexpected touches and fun little moments to add joy to delivery, customer care and beyond. Include subtle details that celebrate the everyday without hindering efficiency or function.