Typography is one of our most crucial elements for the new Grubhub brand. Besides from always communicating very clearly based on our verbal identity, type also serves as a visual brand building element when used constistently and makes for a yummy and very unique look.

Our new typeface is called Grubhub Sans and it comes in two weights: Bold and light.

Type in use


Body copy

— Grubhub Sans Bold
— Sentence case, left aligned
— Type size to leading is 1:1
— Word spacing min. 65%, des. 85% and max. 133%
(justification settings)

Body copy:
— Grubhub Sans Light
— Sentence case, left aligned
— Type size to leading is 1:1.2
— Word spacing standard

Use of color

Single color

Two colors

Full spectrum

Spectrum + highlight color

When using typography color can help to create hiearchy, link to illustrations or work in harmony with a photograph.

Body copy can always be set in black or white (Salt and Pepper) depending on the background color.

Headlines can also be red or feature up to two colors from one of the color spectrums. Remember: When you have picked a color spectrum for illustrations or the background, the type needs to feature colors from the same range or a highlight color that is allowed within this range.