Hint at our intelligent edge
“We think you might like this local gem”

Reflect convenience and universality
“Barbecue without the queue”
“Park Avenue, park bench”

Reflect positive choice, around people’s lives
“Monday night meatball” (football on the TV)
“Work out. Eat in.”
“You don’t need a castle to eat like a king”
“Ready for an adventure weekend?”
“Remember to hide the delivery guy”
“One night in heaven”

Evoke everyday joy of food
“Green curry beats winter blues”
“Tom’s yum soup”
“Summer rolls on”
“Spring rolls into summer”

Give a sense of the possibilities…
“Loco for taco”
“Four walls, unlimited tastes”
“In the mood for something new?”

…and also the comforts
“Pick from your favorites”
“Tried and trusted”


Use guilt or shame
“Because you’re hungover”
“When wild Saturday met lazy Sunday”
“When you’re through counting calories”

Make people feel bad about their lives
“Now you can pay the rent AND eat”
“Greatest city on earth, and you don’t even have to step foot in it”
“Your tiny kitchen will thank you and so will the guy subletting it”

Let humor become whimsical or try-hard
“My, what big teeth you have!”
“Our crystal ball says 10:30 and you’re gold”

Be a food snob
“Savor these delectable lobster rolls.”
“You’ll never eat a plain old burger again”

Let hyperbole win
“Food deserving of a Michelin star!”
“You’ll never go out again!”

Be mean
“One’s company, two’s a crowd”
“When you can’t face listening to the next table’s conversation”
“Because the man in the snow isn’t you”