Our reason for being:

Move eating forward

For diners

Deeper relationship with food and empowered to make the best choices

More delightful eating experiences

For restaurants

Real relationships with more diners

Smarter innovation

A more vibrant and efficient food ecosystem

For society and the planet

Less food waste and more sustainable eating habits

Less energy consumption and more sustainable packaging

Happier, healthier society eating well

Our filter and focus:

One place for my taste

For diners

All about me and my taste

More valuable the more I use it

The ultimate market, better for everyone

Diverse choices for every budget, food, occasion and place in the USA

Effortless inspiration and stress-free experimentation

Friendly guidance and easy decisions

Our mission:

To elevate takeout

For everyone

Equip restaurants to delight takeout diners

Toolkits to market your restaurant, run a smarter business and build genuine relationships with diners

Enable people to make better takeout choices

A personalized product that anticipates, suggests and inspires

New content and experiential approach to marketing—heroing chefs, celebrating new eating occasions, offering advice and inspiration.

Make our delivery a reason to choose us

Create experiences with delightful packaging and moments of surprise