Writing Rules

When our company was founded, we believed that we needed to be explicit about the two words that made up our brand name. Now that people know and love us, we think it is time to move on.

There’s no need to be that explicit anymore. Let’s embrace our name as a united word. Grubhub rolls easily off the tongue and looks a little bit more conversational when we write it in headlines or bodycopy. Also it differentiates itself from our new and bold all-uppercase logotype.

  • Avoid exclamation marks in general — if what we’re saying is interesting, it won’t need added emphasis
  • With the exception of our graphically stylized text, write in sentence case
  • Begin bullet points with a capital letter and don’t use a period at the end
  • Use contractions, e.g. don’t, won’t, we’d
  • Miss out ’that’ whenever doing so will leave the sentence unambiguous and easier to read
  • It’s often ok to begin sentences with prepositions (‘with’, ‘for’, etc) or conjunctions (‘but’, ‘and’, ‘so’ etc) — this can even help keep the copy rhythmic, punchy and conversational
  • With the exception of lists, use an em dash (—) in place of a semi-colon
  • In general, use a pair of em dashes — rather than commas — to enclose an important aside
  • Use the active voice rather than the passive